STORY TELLERS who have told at Louder Than Words in past shows:

    Dave Dickerson

DAVE DICKERSON is a writer and crossword editor originally from Tucson, Arizona. He moved to New York after getting a Ph.D. in English at Florida State, and a four year stint as a greeting card writer at Hallmark. His humor pieces have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly and Mirth of a Nation, and one of his stories was selected for Year's Best Fantasy and Science Fiction 2005. And yes, he dresses like this all the time; it's not a costume. He performs at The Moth and at SpeakEasy Stories.

              Sherri Eldin

Sherri was born next to a swamp with a view of Giants Stadium, aka "the Meadowlands". Her parents named her when she was four days old by drawing "Sherri" from a hat two out of three times. She now calls herself an actress, singer/songwriter, model, writer ....and now a storyteller.. She has worked in many media and genres, including Off-Broadway (Roar @ The New Group), musical theatre (Broadway workshop of The Threepenny Opera @ Roundabout w/ Alan Cumming & Edie Falco, directed by Scott Elliot), stand-up, and improv. Lifetime achievements include being named's Cute College Girl, and The Tallest Person on Her Mom's Side of the Family (Male or Female). Her latest article, "Airport Celebrities: Flying While Brown", was recently published as part of a special series on Sherri is proud call herself the product of when an Egyptian-Muslim man and a Sicilian-Catholic woman bump into each other a little too hard. Sheri was a featured part of the New York Arab American Comedy Festival.

If this wasn't enough information to drive you to therapy, please visit:

           D.J. Hazard

A founding member of the infamous Ding Ho Club (whose members include Steven Wright, Bobcat Goldthwait, Paula Poundstone, Jimmy Tingle and Denis Leary) Hazard went on to tour nearly all of North America, achieving near cult status along the way. He is a (very) frequent contributor to The Examiner (click here).

He can be seen in the award winning films Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, Bourbon and Cold Calls and has just wrapped shooting on The Tourist. His long-awaited third CD, MAN OF HAZARDIUM is now a part of the real world. Need to know

He has performed with SpeakEasy The Moth and The Liar Show.

         Ken Galipeau

Ken Galipeau, a storyteller for over 13 years, and has been the featured storyteller at numerous Tellabrations in NJ. He has presented a storytelling program at theNJ Storytelling Festival for the last 11 Years. Ken is also a favorite festival, coffeehouse and concert performer. Ken performs for people of all ages and accompanies himself on guitar, drum, and piano and sings a cappella. In addition to telling traditional tales, he tells personal stories. Some of these stories are tradition tales reworked as personal tales placing them in actual settings in his life. This will be his first appearance at Louder Than Words...

           Melvin George -

"The King of Smooth! tall, lean, bespectacled and armed with a brazen sense of "cool." A trained actor and director, Melvin used his theatrical training as a member of "The Kitchen Table Comedy Team" in New York, making appearances at Carnegie Hall, The Village Gate and on several local TV shows. Melvin has appeared in concert with such celebrated artists as Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Roberta Flack, Patti LaBelle, The Commodores, The Temptations and The Four Tops. He has been seen in the films "Mo’ Better Blues" and "Meteor Man". Melvin also appeared on Fox’s "Comic Strip Live", A & E’s "An Evening at the Improv", "Caroline’s Comedy Hour" and HBO’s "Def Comedy Jam." This is his first appearance at "...Louder Than Words", and we are getting the best of the bargain.

Whipsuit is [are?]  Rick Horner and Cubby. They are fixtures of the Philadelphia Improv scene with a passion for doing great improv, and a habit of doing it together. They have performed together as members of Zombie Shark, Hypnotoad, andThe Cabal. It's a wonder that they can even stand each other, much less consistently deliver award-winning improv as Whipsuit. Fortunately, for grateful audiences everywhere, they do just that. This is their first time at …Louder Than Words, telling a real story about a real person. One will tell the story; the other will do monologues from characters in the story. Everything should work out real fine, as long as we leave them alone, let them do their jobs.

               Zoe Muntaner

The cover story in Our Town Downtown newspaper last April: "THE PLOT THICKENS, The Moth and its Offspring Have Stories to Tell" catches her eye and the omen is revelaed. Zoe reads the article, shows up at a Moth Slamat the Bitter End in NYC and begins telling her stories in January 2007. She recently founded DARE TO TELL, a not for profit organization whose mission is to encourage and assist young girls and women tell their stories about sexual assault, and help them activate their injured voice. Dare to tell... Care to listen!!! Zoe has been a regularly featured story teller at SpeakEasy Stories.

                Deborah B. Santucci             

Deborah has over ten years of storytelling experience. She has performed stories for children in schools, libraries, summer camps, scout meetings, Sunday schools, and birthday parties. She tells stories for adults in nursing homes, worship services, retreats, and women's gatherings. She is a former Sunday school teacher and Director of Religious Education for a New Jersey Episcopal Church. And she is a certified N.J. Substitute Teacher who taps into tales with values held in common by humankind.  This is her first time at ...Louder Than Words, ...and let's just hope that if she ever substitute taught when you were in her class, you treated her better than most substitute teachers are treated.

      Don Shuman

Don Shuman may not have been born in Flemington, but he’s had 77 years of living in the community. As a real estate broker for more than 60 years, he’s had a wealth of experience meeting people from all walks of life, ranging from Depression era have-nots to members of the Forbes 400. On the basis of a monthly appearance, Don says he has enough stories to last several years. Considering his age, it gives him a good reason to hang around for a long, long time.

               Julia Miller

Julia Miller is a writer and performer who comes from a long line of eloquent Irish discontents who sleep too late and drink too often to ever achieve their full potential.  By day, she makes her living as a corporate trainer; by night, she watches “Project Runway” and thinks about getting out of the house more often.  She has studied with Second City in NYC, performed with an improv group called “The Mulligans” at Arlene’s Grocery, and has recently performed stories at Stripped Stories, SpeakEasy Stories and stand-up at Comix and The Duplex.  She has a novel in progress called, “Don’t Tell My Mother I Told You This. This is her first time at Louder Than Words, and is always proud to cross the Hudson River.

  Noah Harlan

Noah Harlan is a story teller, author, Emmy-award winning filmmaker, producer and sometime liar. Films he has produced have appeared in Cannes, Berlin, Venice and MoMA among other places. He is a frequent storyteller and teaches filmmaking to kids. He co-authored "Mind Your Manners, Dick & Jane", a post-modern exploration of truth and meaning in a society without borders... no, that was a different book, this is a children's manners guide... which is available everywhere from Penguin. Noah describes himself as "a large farm-raised Jew."  He has told stories on stage with groups including SpeakEasy, Heeb and the LIAR show and is a Moth GrandSlam finalist.

             Martin Dockery

MARTIN DOCKERY has recently completed a run of his extemporaneous monologue Wanderlust at the Barrow Group in New York. He is a frequent performer in New York City’s storytelling scene, appearing on the stages of Speakeasy, Talkingstick, Mouthpiece, The Liar Show, and is a seven-time finalist in The Moth’s bi-annual Grandslam Storytelling Championship. He received his B.A. in English from Kenyon College and his M.F.A. in playwriting from Columbia University.

            Mr. Patrick

Having reached enlightenment at the age of 4, Mr. Patrick has been working to change the Cornerstone of Humanity towards Good, ever since.  He painted for 20 years communicating only through his paintings, reaching the highest levels of our civilizations thinkers.  He has been sought by World leaders, Religious Individuals and global humanitarian organizations for his advice, insight and comfort.  In 2002 the death of a dear friend brought out the storyteller waiting inside. His truth stories can be seen monthly in Talkingstick at the Rubin Museum of Art  along with his friend and co-founder of Talkingstick,Master Lee.  He is often on stage in Manhattan  clubs and underground theatres and television.

                 Jim Cyr

Jim Cyr has had a life-long fascination with the power of stories to change people’s lives. His passion for storytelling began when he heard a story that touched a deep hurt in his life and started him on an adventure toward wholeness.

Jim is a member of the National Storytelling Network, the Healing Storytelling Alliance, and the Network of Biblical Storytellers. He tells stories of healing, wisdom, and faith in performances and workshops for mental health organizations, churches, and community groups, to lead people on an adventure toward wholeness. He shares stories and reflections in a monthly newsletter and a two-time-per-week blog. His own story, The Cracked Pot: Finding Grace in the Cracks of Childhood Abuse, published by Aventine Press, is available on

   Curtis Leeds

Curtis Leeds is the long standing radio host of Rock House on WDVR, the 'diversification' station of Hunterdon County. Every Friday morning between 9am and noon, Curtis can be heard with his wacky sense of humor spinning tunes  from the world of classic rock & roll, with a wide variety of themed musical sets. He is also an accomplished photographer, and covers news all over Hunterdon County for the Hunterdon County Democrat newspaper. As a reporter, he penned an award winning series on the Lindbergh Baby "Trial of Century" in the paper on a weekly basis. This is his first time at Louder Than Words stories.

  H.R. Britton

H.R. Britton has been performing in NYC for nearly a decade.  As a storyteller, he gravitates towards the anxiously humorous.  His most recent monologue, “Jesus Rant” is a series of serio-comic ravings from his religious upbringing.   “From Madison to Madurai” is a wide-eyed, yet wry look at his pilgrimage to India. His adaptation of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is conversational, and emphasizes levity over fright. 

BackStage calls him “[a]n engaging storyteller ... one honest, likable guy telling his story with unaffected simplicity.”  H.R. regularly attends and performs at Speakeasy, the Moth, and the Liar Show, and he hosts "Lower East Side Stories" at the Tenement Museum.  He’ll be performing “Jesus Rant” at this year’s Philly Fringe. 

   Bernie Libster

Stories nobody else tells, or would dare to...

Enter a world in which a transparent boy vanquishes a tyrant by the force of his goodness and a Roman soldier offers water to the dying Jesus and gets an eerie reward. Visit the ruins of ancient Sicilian civilizations immediately after 9/11, the cathedrals of Polaris, which are “taller than your giant redwoods,” and the Bardo, where the soul goes between lives. Wander the Sahara with the ghost of Alexander the Great and medieval Italy with the original followers of St. Francis of Assisi...

Bernie draws on his love of American popular song, his halting Italian and his sense of the absurd to enliven stories from this life, lives going back beyond antiquity, and people and other beings he has known and loved time and again.

Bernie is a regular featured teller at the NJ Storytelling Festival,  has appeared on NJ Cablevision, and once performed a 3-hour solo storytelling marathon at Montclair’s Luna Stage. He is actively seeking venues for his “magnum opus,” Tales from the North Star, about which Jay O’Callahan, arguably the greatest storyteller in the English language, comments, “This is wonderful, strange, marvelous work. The expanse frees the listener. I loved moving from time to time. It really has a freedom that opens something new inside me and I’m sure every listener.”  

     Alexandra DeSuze

Alexandra de Suze is tall and "ethnically ambiguous," but her commanding stage presence is primarily due to her raw talent. Whether she hits or misses with a particular song, you sit up and take notice because de Suze has got de Voice.

In her recent show at Mama Rose's, Following My Voice, de Suze took on a wide range of musical styles....she displayed a gift for jazz, singing "Embraceable You" in homage to Sarah Vaughan. And she showed off a Broadway-style belt in renditions of "Mama Will Provide" and "Brand New Day," the latter performed a cappella.

Classically trained, de Suze also dazzled with an aria from Carmen...a very talented newcomer....She not only has de Voice, she also has de Personality and the de Looks to make a name for herself. If all of that comes together, Alexandra de Suze could loom large.


                     Brian Longwell

Brian Longwell has worked for years as a conventional stand up comedian before re-defining himself as a sort of "non-motivational, non-inspirational" speaker.  He has written and performed sketch comedy and has written and produced comedic plays. 

Besides the non-motivational “Why Work?”, he frequently presents his tutorial on the American political process titled “Is Dick Cheney Evil?” including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, the Boston Comedy Festival, the DC Comedy Festival, the NY Comedy Festival and the NY Underground Comedy Festival.

          Lana Epstein

is a sixteen year old high school student, who told a story for the very first time on June 12th at Louder Than Words, as a guest 'teller'.  She told of her experience taking her driving test in New Jersey---a daunting task for anyone, especially a sixteen year old. Professional story teller Martin Dockery said of Lana’s first attempt: “... Thanks for the invitation to Flemington. It was a good time. And I think you've got to give that 16yr old girl a slot of her own!” 

So,  we  took his professional advice, and invited her back to 'tell' yet again.

Ted Skolits

TED SKOLITS is a veteran of World War II, and has several great stories from more than a half century ago. He was in Joey Novick’s stand-comedy workshop through the Hunterdon Adult Ed program, and has a great sense of humor himself. This is his first time at Louder Than Words...


RYAN BRITT  has appeared at The Liar Show, The Moth Slam and at Speakeasy Stories. Since birth, Ryan Britt's best friend has been his imagination. Though she got him into a lot of trouble in grade school, Ryan' imagination remains the most loyal friend he has ever had...and this is his first time at Louder Than Words, too. Ryan has stories that have appeared on, Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, and Really Small Talk.

       Jay Nachman

Jay Nachman’s show “I’m Not Oedipus” was performed in May at during Emerging Artist Theatre’s One Man Talking series in New York.. The show premiered at the 2006 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and the Philadelphia City Paper wrote, “A guy talking about the death of his mother may sound like a downer, however, Jay Nachman manages to find gentle humor in it all. … Nachman digs into his deepest feelings in lighthearted fashion.”  The online publication the Broad Street Review called the show a “highlight” of the Festival, with the reviewer writing “Some good new productions were … Triangle Theater’s ‘I’m Not Oedipus,’ a reflection on death and sex written and performed by Jay Nachman.”
His previous show, “SWM, 45 …” premiered at the 2004 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. He is currently working on a new show, “My Dad is Now Ready for His Sponge Bath.


Kathryn has been telling tales all her life. Joining the profession of Storytellers has been an opportunity to read and retell great tales with a little embellishment of props and audience participation. School assemblies to assembled senior citizens, the young and the young at heart can join her with fables, folktales, legends and lore. A degree in Speech Communication led to careers in Social Work, Accounting, and Motherhood. Storytelling has been a side profession for 20 years with help from two growing sons and many thanks to our counties great libraries and librarians.

Bill Spear, founder of the Hunterdon Radio Theater will be sharing a very special work in progress.

Hunterdon Radio Theatre (HRT) was founded 8 years ago, and members and participants are involved in all aspects of the productions including writing scripts, directing, producing, acting, providing music, and engineering. 

The participants are taught proper technique and then learn by either writing a script, acting out a radio drama and participating in a mock recording session.   In addition to increasing the membership's skills in radio theatre, HRT strives to increase public knowledge about radio theatre.  To this end, live performances of radio dramas will be presented.  Efforts will be made to target children to increase their knowledge of and participation in radio theatre. Under Bill Spear, they have performed at the Hunterdon County Library, and at performance venues all over the County.

       Ryan Carey

Ryan Carey is a veteran stand-up comedian from the Philadelphia area, who is performing for the very first time at Louder Than Words. He tells us that, "Not too much story telling industry cred, just standup comedy for 5 years in the Philadelphia area...the story I plan to tell is about the first time I ever had a 'Squirrel Bomb' thrown at me... it's an unusual college story involving the food court and strategic plans to get me squeeling with startle like a schoolgirl." Ryan is a contributing writer for the online magazine, StageTime where  interviewed comedian Rev. Bob Levy and wrote the essay on why comics have turned on Dane Cook.

  Jared Bilski

A Philadelphia-based stand-up comic and writer who regularly performs in Pennsyvania, New Jersey and Delaware, Jared recently decided to enter into the storytelling circuit. Armed with an ADD-infused perspective on a world that's never short of distractions, he takes the stage simply to share his unique and highly personal tales with the audience -- and hopefully get a few laughs in the process.

   Rivka Willick

Rivka Willick takes storytelling into the 21st century.  No topic is off limits, no venue is impossible.  Rivka has told stories about birth on stage in Orlando and DC as well as by the bedside of a laboring woman.  She has worn a colonial costume in Princeton as she told tales about one of America's first poets-(who happened to be a woman) and she has worn peace beads and tie-die as she retold the story of New Jersey's struggle to save historic sites during the highway construction of the 1960's.  She is popular at storytelling festivals and conventions and is a constant advocate for art of the oral story.  Two new storytelling CD's will be released winter 2008-09: Show and Tell and Second Chances.

Andy's first book, I Wasn't Kidding: How To Commit Suicide So They'll Never Forget It, died on remainder shelves spanning two continents, but he lives on. His writing has appeared in The NY Times, in snooty literary journals and online. He is the creator and host of The Liar Show,  a monthly storytelling game show. BroadwayBaby said, of The Liar Show, "A one hour detective-comedy extravaganza. A night of solid fun."


Tracy Rowland is that rare New Yorker who likes to talk.  Except she’s from New Jersey, which makes her rarer still.  She has appeared onstage with The Moth, Speakeasy and the notorious BTK band.  Tracy makes her living as a promotion and marketing editor at NBC, and is responsible for that Dateline promo involving 50-year-olds who want to hook up with your teenage daughter.  She’s got a one-eyed cat, a passport and a knack for physical injury.  Sometimes, the stories just write themselves. Wade

Adam is a record TWELVE-time StorySlam Champion at The Moth (NYC's Mecca for Storytelling), and the 2006 GrandSLAM Champion. His GrandSLAM Winning Story was featured on The Moth's Podcast in Jan '09.

Adam has been performing in New York City for the past ten years. His stories are genuine, unique, stupidly funny and just a tad heartfelt. He's performed at renowned NYC venues such as Caroline's on Broadway, Comix and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on shows such as The Moth's Main Stage, The Rejection Show, The Liar Show, Mortified, Stripped Stories, Speakeasy Stories, and Real Tales From College (which he is the co-producer and co-Host of).

Adam has a recurring role on ESPN.COM's new web sitcom 'Mayne Street' starring Kenny Mayne that debuted in Nov '08. He appeared on NBCSPORTS.COM's Fantasy Football Show during the 2006-07 season. From 2005 to 2006, Adam was seen every weeknight on ESPN CLASSIC's Classic Now, where he interviewed such legends as Mike Ditka and Reverend Run from RUN DMC. He was a FEATURED PERFORMER, playing himself, on COMEDY CENTRAL's Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn's 'CELEBRITY HAT PARTY' Segment, and has played a 'Nerd' and a 'Scottish, Jack Daniels-drinking Frankenstein' on NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien. He has also appeared in several commercials for the COLLEGE SPORTS NETWORK (CSTV).

        FAYE LANE

Faye Lane’s one woman show, I Wish It So, moved New York Magazine to gush, “She had them gobbling from the palm of her hand. They were howling, crying, falling in love with her." She has performed her autobiographical stories at Caroline’s on Broadway, Comix, The Time Out New York Lounge, and The Moth, where she has won Slam Championships in both New York and Los Angeles. She lives in the Chelsea Hotel with a curmudgeonly husband, two cigar chomping cats, and a very friendly ghost. 

"Things are either a good time or a good story. Important to remember when you're stuck on a hot train, going nowhere fast, next to a fat man, who, odds are, holds an awesome secret."                                                                                       

MARTIN DOCKERY is a frequent performer in New York’s storytelling scene, appearing on the stages of The Moth, Speakeasy, The Liar Show, and many others. He’s developed three monologues, two with director Jean-Michele Gregory. Last year Wanderlust was performed in San Francisco, Westchester County, and in New York City at both Ars Nova and The Barrow Group Studio Theatre, where it enjoyed a sold-out run. He debuted The Bike Trip at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn, at the end of January, 2009, and debuted another new show, The Surprise, at the end of February as part of the NY Frigid Festival.  His stories have made him a seven-time finalist in The Moth’s bi-annual Grandslam Storytelling Championship. The New York Times has called his writing “fantastic,” Backstage West wrote that it was “deliciously enjoyable,” and L.A. Weekly has deemed it “compelling . . . entertaining . . . divinely inspired.”

DINA PEARLMAN was born in New Jersey and raised in the fair hamlet of Teaneck, home of the Isley Brothers. After 4 years at Carnegie Mellon University, she came to New York to pursue acting professionally.

One day, after having received a particularly painful rejection, she decided to get up off her tuchis and head down to Gladys' Comedy Room to try her hand at stand-up comedy. She wrote her act on the 2nd avenue bus whilst travelling between 81st and 53rd streets, had two gin and tonics, got up on the stage and killed. Shortly thereafter she landed a sketch comedy pilot on ABC, followed by some regional theater, followed by a Spike Lee movie, followed by more theater and TV and so it went.
Dina has just had a baby. His name is Benjamin and he is a delicious snack treat. Aside from that, Dina is an actress, writer and a comedian who has appeared on Sex & The City and. Premium Blend. Now this bio has to end because Ben is hungry.


Michele Carlo has lived in four of the five boroughs of NYC and remembers when a slice of pizza cost fifty cents. She has been published in the short story anthology Chicken Soup For The Latino Soul, online at Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, and is the recent winner of SmithMagazine’s “Next Door Neighbor Contest.” A comic drawn from her story, Night Of The Black Chrysanthemum will publish this spring. She is a frequent and sought-after contributor to NYC’s storytelling community, appearing with The Moth, (two-time Grandslammer and MainStage), L.E.S. Stories, Speakeasy, TalkingStick, The Liar Show and her own storytelling series, It Came From New York.

A 2009 Brooklyn Arts Council DCA grant recipient, Michele will produce “GeT LiT,” a new storytelling/solo performance/reading series, which will debut in Brooklyn late spring 2009. She occasionally moonlights as downtown ArtStar Carmen Mofongo, has created three one-woman shows, hosted and performed in countless burlesque and variety shows, and appeared in off and off-off Broadway theater and independent films , most recently the critically acclaimed IRT Stories, written and directed by Jeff Stark.

Michele is currently also the Editorial Director for the online underground entertainment newsletter Toxic Pop and is finishing a memoir of growing up multi-culti in the NYC of the 70s-80s, titled Red Sheep: The Search For My Inner Latina.


Ryan Paulson has toured his solo comedy "Pentecostal Wisconsin" throughout the US, Canada and to Scotland. In New York, he has performed the show at Ars Nova and 59 E.59 Theaters. He is currently at work on a screenplay based on the show.

What the critics are saying about Pentecostal Wisconsin:

"This categorically pitch-perfect one-man comedy has it all: music, character work, soul-searching, integrity, honesty and a ton of Jesus. Earnest without being cloying and biting without hurting, Ryan Paulson's show feels just right."
TimeOut New York

"Ryan Paulson casts a holy spell. Pentecostal Wisconsin is a perfect little show."  
—  Montreal Mirror

“His story is funny, revealing, engaging, naive, honest and, regardless of your faith, universal in appeal…Paulson hits every requisite note of the ideal one-man show. MUST SEE.”
— St. Paul Pioneer Press

..."a subtle and witty trip...Paulson offers touching, ambiguous personal insight. 4 STARS."
— The List (Edinburgh, UK)


Matt's a teacher, storyteller, and photographer of the storytelling  and burlesque scenes.  He has told with The Moth, Stories at The Creek, and his photography work of both can be seen at and 


Jake Goldman is a writer and performer living in Queens.  He co-hosts the monthly storytelling showcase: True Tales from College with his good buddy Adam Wade at Ochi's Lounge in Manhattan.  His writing has appeared in the Huffingtonpost, 23/6, the New York Press, Mortified: Real Words, Real People, Real Pathetic and CBS News.  Also, one of his columns was featured on Barack Obama's campaign website.  That's more or less the coolest thing that will ever happen to Jake.  He had his teeth knocked out at a bar mitzvah.

       Cyndi Freeman

Cyndi is an actress, playwright, stand-up comedian and burlesque performer. Her one woman show Inside Cherry Pitz has been presented in NYC at The Midtown International Theater Festival ( 2004 & 2005) and at The Cherry Lane Theater as part of the Downtown Urban Theater Festival (2005). Her one-woman show, Greetings From Hollywood, was spotlighted on CNN, received a "Best in Fringe Festival" award at the NY International Fringe Festival (1997), was voted "Best New Play of New England (1998)” by the Independent Reviewers of New England. Greetings was also presented at the Edinburgh Fringe (1998) at the Gilded Balloon.

Her one-woman show, I Kissed Dash Riprock!, was presented as part of the Edinburgh Fringe (2000) at the Assembly Rooms. Winner of a "Best in Festival Award for Excellence" at the NY International Fringe Festival (2002) Riprock also enjoyed success in NYC, Boston, toured England with Guy Masterson Productions and was presented by Xaviera Hollander in Amsterdam. Ms Freeman is a recipient of a grand prize play writing fellowship award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (with collaborator Ellen Groves). Other credits include HBO, Comedy Central and Showtime.
Cyndi performs at SpeakEasy Stories and her own story telling night, Stories at The Creek.

   Brad Lawrence

Brad Lawrence was born in Rural Missouri, but, thanks to the intriguing pictures shown on television, he did not stay there.

Brad went on to become a founding member of Third Lip from the Sun, St. Louis’s first performance art troupe, published a novella and several short stories while attending the Studio Theater Acting Conservatory in Washington DC, and, now, as a resident of Brooklyn he is a regular performer at various storytelling nights (The Moth, Speakeasy) and Burlesque venues(Hotsy Totsy, Original Cyn, Kitty Nights).

He has also slept in a closet in Chicago, been dumped in Budapest, and accidentally drove a dressed up go-cart from Nice to Cannes. On the highway. Then there was a screaming match with a cabbie in Egypt. And a brush with illegal currency exchanges in Istanbul. That went badly. And there was an incident on a train in Vienna that is just a long story and was not at all his fault, anyway.

But, focusing on the positive, New York has been best to Brad. With two feature films in pre-production, a spot in the Moth Storytelling Grand Slam, and his one man show, Monsters In The Wood, having made it’s debut at the 2008 New York International Fringe Festival and extended to the Encore Series at the SoHo Playhouse, Brad is enjoying living in the greatest city in the world. It is a place where his behavior, both good and bad, seems to be encouraged and appreciated.

Through all of this, Brad has learned one very important lesson: Everything you see on TV is true.