...Louder Than Words Storytelling Workshops & Performances

...Louder Than Words can bring
the best storytellers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to your school, organization, or community group for a performance or workshop.

This is a new project designed to bring community storytellers from many backgrounds into civic groups, classrooms and boardrooms. Through the sharing of personal stories, each told from that storytellers particular perspective, a …Louder Than Word program provides a lively, enjoyable, entertaining, and stimulating event for your group.

Many of the ...Louder Than Words performers are professional storytellers in their own right. Many of them are "just plain folks" working as lawyers, engineers, store clerks, computer programmers, security guards, restaurant owners, school teachers---many of the same folks you see every day on Main Street in every town.

The focus of ...Louder Than Words workshops is:

* Supporting community storytellers in keeping the art of story telling and oral history alive through storytelling workshops, coaching, encouragement, and the opportunity to share their stories with appreciative audiences.

* Making storytellers from an astonishing variety of cultural traditions and personal experience available to the community at large. Thus providing opportunities for learning, understanding, and connection across all boundaries.

* Inspiring new people to tell their own stories--- for their own families and communities. Identifying gifted storytellers, through the leading of new ...Louder Than Words workshops in a variety of communities, companies and organizations.

Please contact us, so that we may offer your group or organization one of our standard ...Louder Than Words workshop programs, or craft one that works for your particular needs.