1039 Washington Street  Hoboken, NJ.
When: Tuesday, August 25th
8:00pm  Admission: $7   1 888 782 458

" ain't nothin'
but a hound dog
Elvis Presley 

Theme:"Dog Days"
* you can't teach an old dog new tricks * sick as a dog * rain cats and dogs * put on the dog * man bites dog * let sleeping dogs lie * let loose the dogs of war
* in the doghouse * hair of the dog that bit you * go to the dogs *
* it's a dog's life * dog eat dog *


Joey Novick                                            Joey Novick has been employed as a stand-up comedian, a child actor, a waiter, a camp counselor, a lawyer, an improviser, a consumer advocate, a municipal water commissioner, a soap-opera actor, an elected official, a corporate trainer, a matchmaker, and the youngest child in his family. But not necessarily in that order. He is a contributing writer for“I Killed, True Stories of the Road from America's Top Comics.” His blog, NJ:Politics Unusual has been enlightening political insiders about the lighter side of politics for almost a third of a 50th of a century. He appears regularly on New Jersey: Power & Politics, and has a political humor column on


Adam Wade has been performing standup comedy in New York City for the past five years. His stories are genuine, unique, stupidly funny and just a tad heartfelt. He recently co-wrote a fictional creative story for the NY Sunday Times, and currently writes a column for Dan Kennedy's REALLYSMALLTALK.COM He just became a three-time StorySlam Champion at The Moth (NYC's Mecca for Storytelling).

Albert Stern is a writer and monolguist who lives in Brooklyn. His one-person shows, "Let Me Digress..." and "Well, I Hope You're Happy," were staged at Westbeth Theater Center. His tale of New York in the 1980s, "First They Came for the Dogs, But I Was Not a Dog," recently appeared on the popular storytelling website Fresh Yarn ( He is currently working on a third show, "All's Well That Ends." 



Tracy Rowland is that rare New Yorker who likes to talk.  Except she’s from New Jersey, which makes her rarer still.  She has appeared onstage with The Moth, Speakeasy and the notorious BTK band.  Tracy makes her living as a promotion and marketing editor at NBC, and is responsible for that Dateline promo involving 50-year-olds who want to hook up with your teenage daughter.  She’s got a one-eyed cat, a passport and a knack for physical injury.  Sometimes, the stories just write themselves.

D.J. Hazard

A founding member of the infamous Ding Ho Club (whose members include Steven Wright, Bobcat Goldthwait, Paula Poundstone, Jimmy Tingle and Denis Leary) Hazard went on to tour nearly all of North America, achieving near cult status along the way. He is a (very) frequent contributor to The Examiner (click here).

He can be seen in the award winning films Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story, Bourbon and Cold Calls and has just wrapped shooting on The Tourist. His long-awaited third CD, MAN OF HAZARDIUM is now a part of the real world. Need to know

He has performed with SpeakEasy The Moth and The Liar Show.

     Alexandra DeSuze

Alexandra de Suze is tall and "ethnically ambiguous," but her commanding stage presence is primarily due to her raw talent. Whether she hits or misses with a particular song, you sit up and take notice because de Suze has got de Voice.

In her recent show at Mama Rose's, Following My Voice, de Suze took on a wide range of musical styles....she displayed a gift for jazz, singing "Embraceable You" in homage to Sarah Vaughan. And she showed off a Broadway-style belt in renditions of "Mama Will Provide" and "Brand New Day," the latter performed a cappella.

Classically trained, de Suze also dazzled with an aria from Carmen...a very talented newcomer....She not only has de Voice, she also has de Personality and the de Looks to make a name for herself. If all of that comes together, Alexandra de Suze could loom large.

                     Brian Longwell

Brian Longwell has worked for years as a conventional stand up comedian before re-defining himself as a sort of "non-motivational, non-inspirational" speaker.  He has written and performed sketch comedy and has written and produced comedic plays. 

Besides the non-motivational “Why Work?”, he frequently presents his tutorial on the American political process titled “Is Dick Cheney Evil?” including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, the Boston Comedy Festival, the DC Comedy Festival, the NY Comedy Festival and the NY Underground Comedy Festival.